Juanita Gabriel is an Australian printmaker. Her fine art print studio is in Canberra where she has lived since 1998.

Juanita initially studied fine art at the Johannesburg School of Art, South Africa and later at the National Art School, Sydney. Her portfolio of works include figurative imagery influenced by mythology (see Spring Moon I below), prehistory (Font de Gaume) ancient cultures and the natural world (Spring Gambol I), that record an enduring, collective consciousness (The Great Indaba I, II and By the Seashore) of movement, grace and beauty (Dancing to the Rite of Spring and Waterfall).  

Spring Moon I© Juanita Gabriel
Linocut 2013
The Great Indaba I© Juanita Gabriel
Linocut 2012

Font de Gaume© Juanita Gabriel
Linocut 2012
The Great Indaba II© Juanita Gabriel
Linocut 2012
Spring Gambol II© Juanita Gabriel
Linocut 2019
By the Seashore© Juanita Gabriel
Linocut 2001
Dance to the Rite of Spring© Juanita Gabriel
Screenprint 2019
Waterfall© Juanita Gabriel
Screenprint 2019
All art work by Juanita Gabriel© 2018 – All rights reserved / Photography by Barbara Robinson

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